Like API production, controlling the formulation stage is critical to ensure high quality and high yield from the manufacturing process but, unfortunately, it is no easy to task to correctly formulate the active ingredients alongside the drug’s excipients.

Today, most drug manufacturers rely on highly trained professionals to conduct the formulation process but, as is the case with any task carried out by humans, this introduces the risk of variation, leading to inconsistencies across batches, which are very undesirable.

Formulators have to continuously process data produced from titration machines, centrifuge machinery, mixers and tanks that have in-built sensors and make the correct decisions given all variables. That’s hard for humans but incredibly easy for models built on the principles of Artificial Intelligence. 👌

AI models can be trained on data from historic batches to learn the causal relationship between inputs observed in the formulation process and the yield of the process as well as the quality of the output. When employed in production, the models can continuously analyze the inputs produced by the formulation equipment in order to generate recommendations to formulators or, in a closed-loop system, go ahead and make the suggested adjustments to the process right away.

From Criterion AI’s model zoo, you can pick from a wide range of preimplemented AI models that support the formulation stage. Our models make use of the data produced by the equipment from the market’s major OEMs so chances are that you will be able to make use of one of our models right of the box to start improving your formulation process.

With Criterion AI you can

  • Train AI models to control the formulation process
  • Match the golden batch profile more consistently
  • Reduce risk of mistakes introduced by humans
  • Streamline production operations across multiple sites
  • Simplify manual processes and SOPs around formulation

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to get started with Criterion AI to improve the formulation stage.

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