Upload data from any source

Most IT environments of pharmaceutical companies are rather complex and data may be stored across a multitude of databases, network drives, SCADA systems, etc. We know that and therefore we have implemented integrations to most of the major storage providers out there. 🔗

If your data are stored in any of the sources listed below, you will be able to import them into Criterion AI in a matter of minutes.

Adobe CQ5
Alfresco Cloud
Amazon S3
Amazon S3-compatible services
Azure Storage

Citrix ShareFile
Google Drive
Hubspot Files

OneDrive for Business
Salesforce Files
SharePoint Online

Organize data in datasets

To make it easy to manage the data you have imported into Criterion AI, we let you create datasets for training, testing and validation purposes. Datasets can be linked to batches so you can keep traceability intact and stay compliant with data integrity requirements. Datasets can be marked with tags and shared with colleagues who can either view, add or delete data in the set based on the permissions you have given them.

Annotate data in your browser

Most supervised AI models requirement annotations or labels to be trained. If you haven’t annotated or organized your data before uploading them to Criterion AI, you can make use of our intuitive annotation tool that lets you add labels to images as well as geometric shapes on top of them.

By making use of our fine-grained role-based access control, you can even invite external annotators (e.g., outsourced workers) to your account in Criterion AI and have them annotate only the data that you have given them access to.

Stay on top of data integrity

Data integrity has been one of the biggest focus areas of regulators in recent years and, by using Criterion AI, you can ease the burden of ensuring data integrity. By prohibiting the tampering of data, maintaining backups to avoid inadvertent erasures or loss, keeping traceability intact and managing an exhaustive audit trail, we make it simple to ensure compliance with the FDA and other regulators around the world. ☝

Data integrity matters a lot to us and we would love to tell you more about how to deal with the topic. Book a demo now to learn how Criterion AI inherently takes care of data integrity.

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