Improving drug manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence

Leverage advancements in deep learning to increase effiency and simplify processes in pharmaceutical production.

GxP Compliant Platform to Train, Validate, and Deploy AI Models

Automate critical tasks with AI and reduce manual labor

Algorithms in the field of deep learning have made tremendous advancements in recent years and, now, critical tasks such as controlling, inspecting and sorting products can be automated by models based on AI. This releases enormous potentials for increasing efficiency across production processes.

Criterion AI delivers a full-featured platform to reap the rewards of these technological advancements for drug manufacturers.

Enhance quality control and increase patient safety

For specific tasks (such as analyzing images, NIR/Raman spectra, time series and other types of structured data), AI models have now surpassed human performance levels.

That means that, by employing AI, drug manufacturers can enhance quality control by boosting detection rates of product defects, which ultimately leads to increased patient safety.

It also leads to reduced customer complaints, fewer potential recalls and less administration around these issues.

Strengthen the feedback loop across production processes

Because most quality control processes are carried out manually, a lot of information is lost across operations.

By making use of AI rather than manual labor to solve QC tasks, one can enable the flow of realtime feedback to prior processes up the production stream. This way, root causes for product defects can be identified in real time and resolved right away.

Strengthening the feedback loop can significantly lower scrap rates, increase OEE rates and improve overall product quality.

Interested in learning how to release these potentials?

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